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Geriatric Care Management

What We Offer

Geriatric Care Management. 

TruCare Home Care Geriatric Care manager's ensure an individual remains safe and comfortable by developing a  plan based on a close examination of a client's requirements and then implementing it. Once arrangements are in place, the care manager can coordinate all services to ensure the client's health, safety and general well-being are met. A continuous monitoring and re-evaluation process is provided to make necessary changes as needed. Care managers can come in simply to advise a family on resources and help develop a plan or can come in as a long-term member of the care team.

TruCare care managers are brought into a situation by an adult child, spouse or other responsible person because there has been a change in health status or the time has come to plan for the future.TruCare will work directly with an older adult who is aware that the daily tasks of life have become overwhelming and will call the office. TruCare will also work with a concerned member of the community like a bank manager concerned about a customer or a resident manager, or a lawyer concerned about his client, wherever the concern is initiated we are ready to help.

Developing a care plan and putting it into place can be a short-term process if there is family willing and available to do the follow-up work. When no family lives in the area, however, the process tends to be on-going. Each situation is different, and TruCare geriatric care managers are very flexible in working with individual families who have their own needs and concerns.

Our commitment is to Communication to make sure that that expectations on both sides are met.  There needs to be a trusting relationship in order for the arrangements to work. A trusting relationship is at the core of any plan for long-term care.

TruCare Geriatric Care Managers are willing to answer all your questions and are concerned about the things you are. If a parent is vulnerable, everything from having valuable items in the house inventoried, and appraised, to arranging proper medical care should be as important to the care manager as it is to you. All aspects of an older person's life and well-being, as well as easing the burden for family members and friends, are the concerns of TruCare geriatric care managers.  

Some services available include but are not limited to:

  • Work with families to develop and implement plans to assist the elderly with all aspects of long-term care.
  • Intake and assessment
  • Access to Adult Day services through partnership with SarahCare of Malvern.
  • Set up doctors appointments and manage schedules for families.
  • Coordinate medication management with partners who provide skilled care.
  • Arrange for assisted transportation to doctors’ appointments.
  • Schedule home care providers who assist with all activities of daily living.
  • Schedule home maintenance workers to maintain residence or take care of major projects as needed.
  • Assist with downsizing and moving.
  • Provide cleaning and de-clutter services.
  • Provide safety assessment of the home.
  • Coordinate with doctors and Medicare for durable equipment necessary for safety i.e., shower chairs, walkers, canes.