Clock in and Clock out – Using the MedFlyt App:  

Download the app Medflyt iPhone or Android .

1) Set Up

    • Select Sign In 
    • Enter your cell phone number 
    • Agree to the terms and agreements 
    • Medflyt will send you a message with a code (the code is 5 digits) 
    • Enter the code into Medflyt app 
    • Confirm your personal information to verify it is you 
  • Clocking In 
    • You will log in and click on Assigned Visit 
    • Your client will show in the list for you to choose from 
    • You will see the blue clock in button 
    • The first time you clock in/out, it will ask you to use GPS. You will need to allow it only the first time  
  • Clocking Out 
    • You will see the blue clock out button 
    • Click the arrow on the shift to go to the next page 
    • Scroll down to the duty sheet under required documents 
    • Select the duties that you have completed on that day’s shift 
    • Hit save at the bottom  



2) Clocking In and Out – Using the Clients Phone 

  • Once you arrive at your client’s residence, you will call +19294364776 from your client’s phone
  • You will select your Language 
  • Then you will enter your 10 digit phone number 
  • From there, you will select 1 to clock in, 2 to clock out, or 3 to try again
  • When you clock out, you will select 1 to enter duty codes, then 2 to end the call and clock out
  • Once you have completed the call, the system will let you know and then it will end 


YOU CANNOT use your phone for calling. It must be from the Client’s phone number we have on file. Once you have a client, please call to confirm that you are using the correct Client phone number.  

Here’s a video tutorial of how Medflyt works:

YouTube video

Contact the TruCare office for assistance or by texting us at 610-878-3372 or by emailing