Did you know that it’s possible to get paid to become a caregiver for a loved one in the state of Pennsylvania through Medicaid or an agency? There are many benefits to doing so, and TruCare is a home care agency that can help.

Home care providers play an important role in not only the physical health of the family member, but also their mental health as well. Regular companionship combats their feelings of loneliness, and by receiving care in their home instead of a hospital, they can retain their sense of independence. This can cut down on hospital admissions and extended illness.

WIth you as a caregiver you can be free of worry with how your family member is doing. Trust has already been established so there wouldn’t be any confusion in terms of wants and needs. Caring for a family member while being compensated for it is truly a benefit for everyone involved.

Here is how the process works:

Become a family member caregiver

You would need to complete training and certifications comparable to that of a career caregiver. To become a caregiver in Pennsylvania, there is a comprehensive assessment that determines your eligibility and also be over the age of 18 and living in Pennsylvania. TruCare can help you with the required eight hours of training and certification necessary to get started.

Receive compensation

  • Caregiving through Medicaid programs offer several ways to get paid as a family caregiver in long-term care scenarios. Medicaid HCBS waivers entitle those eligible to hire a caregiver to assist them. You would need to enroll in the program, and the income can pay a family caregiver and cover expenses.
  • Agencies like TruCare set you up with the tools and support you need to succeed with pay. Once eligible you would be part of the organization and you would be compensated with regular paychecks for the hours you work. This way you are able to care for your family member without worry.
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Benefits of being a caregiver

Aside from having a rewarding job caring for a loved one, when you work with an agency you get a flexible schedule, as well as benefits. Those could be paid time off, health insurance, and life insurance to name a few.

When you work with an in-home care organization like TruCare, you will receive caregiver resources, support, and guidance. When it comes to at-home caregiving, you won’t be on your own. We are here to give you all the tools you need to provide the best care for your loved one, because we know that is what truly matters.