Home care is necessary for many seniors. An aide can assist with daily tasks. Advanced care is available for people with health conditions. In-home care can be expensive, and some families may need help knowing where to start. You can contact an agency to begin receiving care. Or you can apply for state-funded programs. This article will discuss how to apply for elderly home care in Pennsylvania.


How to Get In-Home Care for the Elderly?

Meeting Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility requirements will vary depending on the program. Generally, seniors must be at least 60 years old and require assistance with daily activities to qualify. Programs can also help individuals with more advanced needs. The state will send a representative to assess the individual before care is confirmed.

Consider Home Health Agencies

Home Health Agencies are licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. They provide intensive care to individuals with conditions that require monitoring. Their programs will meet the recipient’s medical and financial requirements.

Financial Assistance

 Several programs will provide financial assistance for families who need in-home care for elderly relatives. They include:

 · The Options Program: This state-funded program provides affordable in-home service to eligible seniors.

· The Care Waiver Program: This program is available to seniors who would otherwise require nursing home care.

Community Health Choices

 This Medicaid-managed program provides in-home care services to eligible seniors. It helps seniors stay in their homes longer. It offers personal care, health care, and home modifications.

Area Agencies on Aging

 Area Agencies on Aging is a nonprofit organization that provides in-home care for seniors. Look up your local chapter for more information and discover if you qualify.

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Contact a Home Care Agency

Many home care agencies are Medicaid-certified, and Department of Health licensed and work with low-income families with no insurance or partial coverage. They will help you find affordable care. They may guide you through the state application process and provide information on how to get home care for the elderly. They may also accept insurance to make care more affordable. However, families must look for more than affordability. They must work with a provider they trust. Here are some factors to be aware of:

· Well-Trained Staff: Find out what training and certifications staff members must receive before working for the agency.

· Care and Compassion: Interview the aide you are assigned beforehand to ensure they have a caring, compassionate manner.

· Services: The agency should offer the services your loved one requires, whether it be basic care or more advanced care.

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Work with TruCare Home Care Services

You can spend time researching various agencies and healthcare options. Or you can reduce your stress by calling TruCare first. TruCare is a Department of Health licensed Medicare-approved in-home healthcare provider. We work with low-income families that are without insurance or with partial insurance. We offer various healthcare services. Our staff is well-trained, caring, and compassionate. Contact us for the very best in-home care. We will walk you through the process of how to get in-home care for the elderly so your loved one can experience a high quality of life.