When it’s time to consider the best way to care for your loved ones when you can no longer be a 24/7 caregiver, it can be confusing. There are so many options! As the elderly population grows, so do the home care agencies in Delaware, each with slightly different offerings. This means navigating the world of senior home care centers in Delaware isn’t easy. What do you need to know?

What Can You Expect From Homecare?

First things first, at TrueCare, we realize you may not know exactly what home care services provide. Boiled down, home care provides support so people can live in the comfort of their homes. Professional assistants like nurses and aides help individuals on a short-term or long-term basis. This improves seniors’ quality of life and sense of independence, which is crucial to mental health. 

That “Conversation”

It’s time to sit down and talk about safety, autonomy, and overall needs. Some seniors may resist the idea of strangers in their homes, but it’s far better than the institutional option. Remind them they can remain in a familiar place where they’re happy. Also, tell them how this choice helps YOU. Make them part of the process. 

You can also share the ways in which home support will help them. They won’t have to struggle with stubborn buttons, for example. Help with dressing and bathing is right there. What about tasks around the house? Bending hurts; reaching can put you off kilter. Handling tiny pills won’t cause spills (and they won’t miss an important medication). Senior home care agencies in Delaware have compassionate people assisting with those tasks.

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What About Activities?

TrueCare has 15 years of experience in providing adult day care. We understand the answer to “What is homecare?” on a daily, practical basis. It certainly does not mean being stuck in the house all the time.

Unless unpracticable, we aim to get people up, out, and socializing whenever possible. Studies show that seniors with more interaction generally have better memory retention. Plus, being around people waylays anxiety and depression, two conditions plaguing the senior community. 


At TrueCare, everyone has personalized care plans focused on their conditions. These plans are reviewed regularly by the person’s caregivers and adjusted as necessary. Important changes won’t go unnoticed.

No two people are alike, so there can’t be hard-and-fast rules. Dignity and respect are two words around which our company revolves. We aim to offer care that results in happiness and peace of mind for a person’s family. We also stay on top of best industry practices so individuals always receive the best possible care.  

Getting More Information

As you navigate the world of senior home care agencies in Delaware, gather as much information as you can. At Tru Care, we have a newsletter to keep you up to date. You can also read client testimonials to get a better feel for our agency.

We have two convenient office locations for senior services in Mongomery County, PA.: 

Our East Norriton Office, 2860 DeKalb Pike, Suite 100, Norristown, PA 19401. 833-878-2273 OR

Our Philadelphia, PA Office, 426 Allegheny Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19134. (610)878-2273

We look forward to serving your family. 

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